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Get Your AC Ready for Summer: Tune-Up for Only $29

It's almost summer, folks! The weather is definitely getting hotter every day. That is why we ask you: is your air conditioner ready for the cooling season? Better make sure now. You don't want to find out the AC does not want to start when it's 105° outside, do you? So it means it is high time for an AC tune-up. We have a limited offer now for our most favorite customers: seasonal AC check-up for $29 only!

What Is Included in AC Tune-Up:

  • Visual inspection of all system elements;
  • System and thermostat test;
  • Amperage and electrical connections check;
  • Air filter check;
  • Capacitors inspection;
  • Combustion inspection;
  • All limit switches check;
  • Relay and contractors inspection;
  • Moving parts and motors inspection and lubrication (if needed);
  • Freon charge check;
  • Condensate pan and drain line inspection.
Make sure your AC is ready to keep you comfortable all summer long for no more than $29. Our qualified technicians will inspect all the system parts and ensure that you are prepared for the heatwave.

Hurry up! The offer for AC tune-up is valid till May 31st, 2023.

Please note that new filters and drain line cleaning are not included in this offer. We can provide you with the new filters for additional price and install them for you.
You’re just one call away from the security of a comfortable summer. Call (408) 721-2530 or write an email to support@fuseservice.com. We are looking forward to helping you!