Fuse HVAC Repair San Jose, CA

Asbestos Removal and HVAC System Install in San Jose, California

Installation & Repair
Our qualified technicians performed asbestos removal with the further HVAC system installation in San Jose, California. The customer lives in a house build in 1963, so there was an asbestos problem in it. Fuse Service is a unique company because we are certified for asbestos removal in houses. Asbestos breaks into tiny particles that are easy to inhale. If it happens on a daily basis for some time, it may lead to the development of different lung diseases, so better check if you are not in danger!

How Do You Complete Asbestos Removal and HVAC System Install?

At first, our technicians separated the working area with 6 Mil plastic barrier. Then they installed and ran the HEPA filtration machine and sealed the vents inside the occupied area. Further, Fuse specialists watered the ductwork insulation to prevent air contamination and collected the removable ducts and materials in 6 Mil plastic bags. Finally, they recycled removed ductworks and materials and were ready to install the new system. During this project we served:
  • PERMITS for Heat Pump addition/replacement;
  • MXZ-SM48NAM-U1;
  • PVFY-P48NAMU-E1;
  • Ductwork Package - MD1.

Qualified EPA certified specialists provided this Carrier ULTRA quiet operation AC install, besides, Fuse provides a 3 years warranty for HVAC-installation labor.